Are all downloads virus free?

Yes, all downloads in our catalogue are 100% virus free. Guaranteed. We’ve checked all them with VirusTotal.com before release.



How often do you update the files?

We constantly update our catalog, we have products with more updates than others and some times some products don't have updates. We release updates on lists on the site as well as new downloads in Members Area.



Do you provide support?

We provide support for technical issues via email at [email protected].



What can I download in all memberships?

You can download the full catalogue audio + video in all memberships (except VOB).



Do you have any restrictions?

We have only one restriction: daily limit download of 20gb, every 24 hours the limit is restored.



Can I request upload specific titles that are not listed on this site?

Yes, you can request a list of titles you need at this email address [email protected], and we will find them for you. You can search in each lists on this site using the key CNTRL+F just to be sure that we don't own that titles.



What is the difference between a File Sharing Service like Uploaded.net and DownloadWithUs.com?

Is quite different, when you need a file, you need to make an extensive search in Google, in forums, in Blogs and others sites, but, after you find the file it is probably that the premium account you have purchased is different from the one is published there.

In DownloadWithUs you already have a list of thousand and thousand of files for direct download, you don't need to waste your time Googling files anymore, you don't need to purchase any premium account in such file sharing services.



How can I download the files to my computer?

After your payment is verified you will receive an email with the instructions to access Members Area. You will get an interface very similar to windows explorer, You can use download managers plugins like DowmThemAll for firefox or others similar for Chrome or Safari. Also JDownloader 2 is supported by us.



Can I download using jDownloader 2 software?

Yes you can, jDownloader 2 is fulled supported. In order to use this software you need to install jDownloader 2. (jDownloader 1 is not supported). You can setup DownloadWithUs by following this path: settings > account manager > add > search DownloadWithUs.com > type username and password.



Does the movies and all video files come with the original poster and others files?

Yes, Movies contains their respective files: poster, fanart, nfo file and subtitles, like the following:







TV and Live Concerts contains the same, except subtitles.

Music Videos doesn't contain any attached files.



Do you offer resume on downloads?

No, but we will soon. At the moment we don't offer resume. If a download is stopped, paused or interrupted because an Internet disconnection, your will need to re-download the file(s).



Why all video files are in Mp4?

Because Mp4 format is compatible with everything, but most important is compatible with all mobile devices like: iPad, iPod, iPhone, and all Andorid devices, is also ready for HTML playback. But if you want more quality and bigger files (MKV's), you can ask on this email [email protected]DownloadWithUs.com about the ''big collection'' which is 50tb of content collection, that collection is not stored in any server, if you want it we can ship HDs to your country.



Why is your membership not free?

The answer is pretty simple if you think about it: because it takes a lot of time and effort for us to keep the site running, release monthly updates, provide support service, pay for the server costs, bandwidth, handle DMCA notices, etc. Unlike our competitors we don't want to bother you with ads on our pages, flashing banners, redirections, surveys, and even worse broken download links and other types of BS. We aim to work with serious people only, who respect their time and are ready to pay a small fee for the top-notch premium service that we provide.



Is it a one-time purchase?

Yes, it's just one time VIP membership fee. After your quota is filled, but you want to keep downloading, you must purchase another membership the same way you did the first time.



Is it safe to pay for your service?

Yes it is. We work with one of the largest companies in Online payment processing - Byteseller.org. It is certified by VeriSign, MasterCard, Visa and several other companies who verify Online services for their security. All information you enter are only visible to Byteseller.org and will only be used to handle your order. We have no access to your data. So even if you don't trust us, you can trust our payment processing partner 100%.



Do you have an alternate method payment?

Yes. If you dont want or you can't make the payment with Byteseller, we can offer you Payoneer.com, for this you need to contact us at [email protected]DownloadWithUs.com.



How soon after the payment will I receive access?

Once your payment is received, we will send you your personal login details. Usually we send it right away, within a few minutes, however, because all orders are processed manually it may take us up to few hours (but no more than 12 hours).



Do you offer a money back guarantee?

We deliver what we promise. However we do not offer any kind of money back guarantee on our membership purchase. Due to the nature of digital file downloads, all sales are final.



How can I contact you?

If you have any questions or concerns or simply want to say ‘Hi’ you can always contact us at [email protected]